Ham Radio Project-Tram Dual Band Antenna Rehab

It’s been a while since I’ve updated, which is unfortunate. I enjoy my forum here. For today though I’m stuck at work, so I’ve brought my newest toy with me. It’s a Tram dual band, 2 meter & 440, base station antenna. It was an eBay find I acquired for a grand total of $28USD.
So, with the help of a friend and fellow ham operator, NI4SR, I have made sure that my propagates well across both bands.

So here’s what I’ve done or am planning to do today.
1.) I’ve already, carefully, removed the sealant/glue applied by the previous owner. I then re-applied some white Stampede “hardcore” caulk/sealant around the none-moving joint. Taking special note to precisely caulk around the base.
2.) Then I let that dry for about two hours or at least tack up. It’s not fully dry yet.
3.) Then I very lightly scuff sanded, with fine grit paper, the fiberglass body of the antenna. Just to promote adhesion.
4.) After that I wiped it down with a damp cloth to clean and get the dust off.
5.) Then I applied my first coat of flat white spray.
5b.) The bottom half of the antenna has absolutely no moving parts, so it got a few coats.
5c.) The top half does slide into the bottom and has bushings so it only get two coats.
6.) Re-assemble!

This is not a hard project and my $100 antenna that I got for $28 will look like, once again, a $100 antenna.

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