Antenna Solutions

I live an apartment complex.  So an antenna is difficult to really get good performance. So far my best attempts are tuned wire dipoles with a Alpha Delta center connector. A very strong device that connector is. Now these dipoles are tree mounted. There 6 to about 9 feet up, which is okay. Really should be about quarter wave high. Also my tree’s I use are about 10 to 12 off the side of the building. The steel and concrete building.

Now I know people in the attics and that works all the time. But I put up one in our apartment and nothing. Absolutely nothing, almost completely dead, highly reflected and just terrible noise. Now my point is my dipoles are right up against our building and I can never get out west. Never. I can go a little south west, but it stops at New Mexico. No California, no Washington State or anything out there.

My solution. A couple things.

I’m still building my fan-dipole, that’s multi-band and portable.

I’m still building a Delta Loop for 20 meters. Maybe even a one for a couple of the higher bands. 4db over a dipole. Just need a 4:1 bulan.

Final part of my plan.

Mounting the antenna. There’s several ways to go about it. Fiberglass extendable poles, metal extendable poles and others. But solution, at least for now is military surplus style. Military antenna mask kits made from aluminium and painted OD green. They come in 4 foot sections and interlock. There’s base kits, ground spikes, guy wire mounts, and other accessories to go with them. Now what I’m planning on buying isn’t true surplus. Plenty of people copy the design and make new ones all day long. Which is great!

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