System Upgrades – Anderson Power Poles and more…

If you follow my postings you know my station is down now. If you don’t, you should know that my amazing Yaesu FT-950 is in Yaesu’s shop being fixed. I was working a state QSOP and it died. So in the mean time I am learning and upgrading.

One of the nicest, handiest but cheapest upgrades I’m doing is installing Anderson  Power Poles everywhere. Specifically 45amp Black and Reds. That’s more power than I’ll ever pull but I would rather be safe than sorry, plus I use 12 gauge stranded. All my power connections. I only have one power supply at the moment and no fancy West Mountain Rig Runner accessories, yet. So I can easier connect up my different radios. I’m not going to go into what a power pole is here, least not in-depth but I will link a video at the bottom. I should say as well this includes my mobile station as well.

This video is not ham radio centric but it’s well filmed and explains them well.

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