A really cool setup…

This is a picture I came across on Pinterest. It is of a beastly tech-ed out setup. There is a Motorola Mobile Computer framed with a GPS, scanner, vehicle lighting control, radio transceivers and a few radio accessories. All mounted on a niece center console. Based on the dial cluster looks like in a Ford SUV. This is what I imagine as a perfect setup. I just love this system.

I have a Kenwood Dual band radio, a Yaesu HF 50mhz – 160m and a Motorola Mobile Computer. I just need a nice center console.

From top to bottom, left to right.
GPS: Garmin old school but I don’t know the model.

Ham Radio: the radio top center of the picture is a Kenwood TM-942 or at least it is in the Kenwood TM series.

Pactor Modem: That Kenwood radio is sitting on a Pactor modem, THE PTC-IIpro, this is what the computer listed below is actually using to transmit the Winlink/Airmail emails.

Computer: Motorola MW-520 – running probably Windows Embeded or maybe XP. They were powerful computers. Looks like the ham operator is using packet Airmail to send Winlink email over packet radio.

Ham radio: the small green radio just under the computer monitor is another ham radio. The ICOM IC-880H. It is a D-Star radio. http://www.icomamerica.com/en/products/amateur/mobile/id880h/default.aspx

Touch Tek: From my research this device is a lot of the time used by tow truck drivers to operate their lights. But basically it is a device that controls six 40 amp relays. More over though there is some customizing that you can do to these relays via the controller board.

Radio: The next radio is some kind of business band radio pretty it is a ICOM, and the family of the ICOM F1821, but like a model or 2 older. Based on the screen it has been programmed to monitor ham radio freqs.

Ham Radio: The next radio is the Yaesu FT-857D, there are two there. One stacked above the other. This is a HF – UHF radio very versatile.

Control Panel: I don’t know what the knob there in the middle is unless it maybe selects inputs going to a speaker for the radio.

Ham Radio: We are down to the second Yaesu FT-857D.

Ham Radio: The ICOM IC-7000 is radio near the bottom with the color screen and large dial knob. Like the 2 Yaesu’s this radio is good on HF – UHF had radio bands.

Radio: Bottom center radio facing upwards is another one of those business band radios programmed probably for ham radio freqs. Model unknown but probably ICOM.

Arm Rest: In the arm rest you see a ICOM hand mic for one of the radios. Also in the arm rest you see a Ameritron ALS-500RC, this is a remote control head for a linear amplifier for one of the radios. Instead of transmitting 100 watts this operating is transmitting with somewhere up to 500 watts.


  1. The radios you are calling Business Band are actually Icom ID-1 transceivers. These are 1.2GHz D*STAR Voice and Digital Data units. Capable of up to 128kbps throughput. They have a USB port and Ether net connection for directly connecting to a computer.

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