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It has been a almost 2 years since my last post and I need to get things rolling again. I  don’t particularly have that much to say. What I do though is pretty good.

Ham Radio Wise, what have I been doing:

Mobile station is going strong with a TM-V71A(like I had), I have added a Yaesu 857D with matching Yaesu Screwdriver antenna controlled by the radio. That is nice.

Most recently while working a public service event I realized that ham gear is somewhat lacking in the sense that it is(in my opinion) fair-weather/conditions gear. I could not hear my Yaesu XV-8DR shoulder mic over the crowd, evening with a cheapo ear-wig. Not to mention minor transmission issues. So this led me to start looking at Motorola gear that will work on the ham bands. This then led me towards the world of digital voice and specifically DMR. Indiana has an enormous DMR network of repeaters, which basically gives statewide coverage.

So this led to a recent purchase of a Tytera MD-380 DMR Digital Radio, this is an HT. I got one and really liked it, so I got my Dad one. Further more and even more recent I have also acquired a Motorola XPR-4550, mobile digital DMR radio. I need to get a separation kit and it will be ready for the car.

So my goals are really getting a good understanding of DMR and it’s behind the scenes workings and finding a deal on a VHF and a UHF XTS5000. I would prefer a APX7000 or APX8000 but very unlikely I spend 2k on a radio.


More to come, thank you!

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